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Echelon AI’s core solution is our patent-pending Artificial Intelligence Process Automation (AIPA) platform & technology stack, which enables the implementation and control of unsupervised process automation.


Ai Platform

Unlocking “Big Data” intelligence

Unlocking the power of ‘Big Data’, Artificial Intelligence solutions delivering not only unparalleled insight into massive, complex data sets – but recommendations based on that analysis and prescriptive action.


Cyber Security

Redefining the cyber battlefield

Artificial Intelligence powering next gen cyber security solutions – predict, detect and stop cyber attacks with tremendous accuracy – protecting your assets and infrastructure like never before.


Robotic Process Automation

Enterprise intelligent automation

Delivers smart robotic process automation solutions that dramatically enhance organizations performance and business outcomes across a comprehensive range of use cases, performance and applications.

Increasing sophistication of automation and augmentation technology, powered by artificial intelligence, changing the rules of what’s possible.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as deep machine learning and neural networks, smart RPA offers a new approach and exciting opportunities for enterprise organizations.